DJ Yoshi and DJ/VJ Tetsu known as “THE BREAKBEAT ROCKERS” is based on 80s’  Manchester Movement,
90s’ UK DANCE ROCK and  BREAKS sound as a core, and it also creates an unique  sound of space with
TECHNO, HOUSE, HIP HOP and REGGAE. By introducing as DJ unit, they have been play in the big name
Japanese clubs such as “WOMB” and “AGEHA”, and preside over non-genre DJ event called “ARMADA”.
THE BREAKBEAT ROCKERS also provides remixed  tracks to domestic and overseas artists.

80s’マンチェスタームーヴメント、90s’UKダンスロックサウンド、ブレイクスを 中心にTECHNO,
HOUSE, HIP HOP, RAGGAEなど各ジャンルを消化したサウンド空間を作り出す、 DJ Yoshiと
VJでもあるTetsuのDJユニット『The Breakbeat Rockers』。ジャンルレスイベントARMADA主宰。
WOMB やAGEHAなど出演他、国外アーティストのリミックスなどを手がける。



Latest tracks by The BreakBeat Rockers